From the beginning we have been working in partnership with the two most important ends of the 1000 Faces spectrum: the grower and the customer.

Historically, farmers and consumers have been kept distant by geography, the barrage of details associated with each country’s rules and rituals surrounding international trade and, in too many cases, mid-level buyers who have based business models on securing profit margins from misinformation about the market. Traditionally, coffee has come from poor countries and been consumed by people in wealthy countries; If anything, we want to do our part to balance the business so that we can focus on creating great coffees with a sense of trust and mutual understanding.

At 1000 Faces we believe that small is beautiful.

When it comes to things related to the kitchen, we have found great joy in small artisan production, and much despair in the large-scale industrialized approach. From our beginning we have made an unwavering commitment to micro-, or small-batch roasting. To put it more clearly, we never roast more than 40lbs. at a time. With each coffee we do something called profile roasting. Profile roasting is based on the understanding that each coffee has a sweet spot.  Once we find this sweet spot, we develop a special profile of time and temperature variables that offer our interpretation of perfection. This means that we don’t use traditional terms like light, medium, and dark roasts. We feel these terms are a part of a rather complex problem. As ecologists at heart, we believe that the reductionist approach to complexity is one of the primary causes of our environmental crisis. Thus all of our coffees are presented in the pastoral of place, varietals, and our own artisanal interpretation and are roasted by hand on a Proaster THCR-25 roaster.


We are firm believers in the value of open systems & want to participate in creating great coffee from seed to cup by sharing the valuable knowledge we have acquired in our eleven years of being in business.

By sharing, we grow.