Brewed for 24 hours using purified water and carefully sourced coffee, 1000 Faces Cold Brew makes a superior iced coffee.

Our Cold Brew Coffee is a very slow, concentrated extraction of our bell's Blend. The 24-hour refrigerated brewing process was specifically designed to extract proportionately more sweetness and flavor, leaving behind some of the traditional bitterness of a hot brewing method. Our Espresso Savio blend combined with our thoughtful brewing process results in a rich and balanced cold brew that is exciting in cocktails, with milk and sugar, or all by itself. 

Available in 101-ounce and 50-ounce environmentally-conscious  pouches of concentrate, to be diluted (or not!) as needed. All cold brew products are brewed, and packaged by hand in Athens, Georgia.

Cold Brew Contact:                                                                                                                        Taylor Cotton                                                                                                                                    Cold Brew Manager                                                                                                                                                                                                                        770-880-0157

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