1. The Chemex filter comes in either a folded square, or a folded triangle, both of which have 4 folds. You will want to separate the fold to form a cone, placing 3 folds towards the spout of the brewer, and 1 fold towards the back. Rinse filter very thoroughly - Chemex filters are particularly thick. Discard water.

  2. Add your ground coffee into the brewer, place the brewer on your scale, and tare your scale. 

  3. Begin timer. Bloom with 80g of water. Stir.

  4. At 45 seconds, begin the fill pour with steady, concentric circles. Start from the center, slowly spiral out to the edge, and then back to the center. Repeat this method for the entire brew, until the water is about an inch below the rim of the filter.

  5. Finish pouring all 550g of water at 2:00 - 2:10. Give the brewer a gentle swirl and allow the rest of the water to pass through the brew bed.