Golden Bean 2018

As September winds down each year, the team here at the roastery excitedly awaits the results of the Golden Bean North America roasting competition.  This is the Australia-born contest's fourth year in the United States, and it's our third year sending a selection of our coffees off to Portland, Oregon, to be judged across multiple different brewing preparations.  Growing in size once again, the competition filtered through entries from over 500 different roasters - roughly 900 total submissions.  We're proud to announce that we're taking home more medals than ever this year - three in total!

Hilario Sántiz- Silver Medal / Filter Category

Guji Highland - Silver Medal / Filter Category

Duromina - Bronze Medal / Filter Category


Each coffee entry perfectly exemplifies the dedication and hard work of our entire supply chain; and for this, many thanks are in order.  For the Ethiopian coffees (Duromina & Guji Highland), we must thank our importing partners and friends at Trabocca.  They are on the ground in Ethiopia year round, working with cooperatives, washing stations, farm managers, etc, to foster relationships and put outstanding offerings on our cupping table as the seasons pass.  Most notably this year, we must give our deepest gratitude to Jesús Salazar, Hilario Sántiz, and the entire team at Cafeología in Chiapas, Mexico.  It is an honor to be working with a passionate group of producers to show the world what Mexico has to offer.  We're absolutely thrilled that our roast of Hilario Sántiz's coffee ranked among a very short list that was mostly comprised of coffees from Kenya, Ethiopia, and Panama (Gesha).  Lastly, these awards represent our daily hard work here at 1000 Faces - roasting, tasting, tweaking, perfecting - and serve as justification for our roasting and sourcing methodology.  This dedication to the craft and continual pursuit of excellence is what allows us to roast our coffees clearly and cleanly -  transparently displaying the inherent flavor characteristics of each coffee, and thus, the passion and hard work of the producers.  For this, our final tip of the hat goes our Lead Roaster, Ben Bowdoin. 

Unfortunately, some of these coffees are already on their way off of our menu, so you will have to act quick if you're wanting to get your hands on some!  Guji Highland will be depleted through our cafe as early as this weekend.  Hilario Sántiz will be around for 2-3 more weeks.  And finally, Duromina is estimated to last another 1-2 months.  If you do miss out, no need to fret!  Lots of stunning fresh crop coffees are lined up.  Very soon we will be releasing our next natural Ethiopia of the season, Dimtu Tero, and it happens to be from the same area as the Guji Highland.  Furthermore, we have three more Mexico offerings and two more washed Ethiopia offerings that we will cycle onto the menu throughout the year - so stay tuned!