Golden Cup

This year we entered two coffees into the Golden Bean Competition - the largest roaster competition in the world. Over 830 samples were entered from roasters across the nation with hundreds of coffee professionals traveling to California in September to participate in a four-day judging. This was some heavy competition and we are proud to say we won on two fronts.

Espresso Savio won a Bronze Medal in the espresso category and Gorbota (a run-away favorite among our staff) won a Bronze Medal in the pour-over category. Both coffees represent the pride we take in our work and our dedication to putting forward quality coffee. Most of all, we are glad to be doing justice to the hard working farmers that poured their passion for coffee into the cultivation of every bean.

This country has hundreds of coffee roasters that source beans from many thousands of farms around the world. From light to medium to dark roast, from African to Indonesian to American origin, from varietals to drying methods, from fancy espresso to the percolator, there are millions of ways to get you some coffee.  Our specific methodology is to sample, experiment, educate, learn, and tweak. We simply want our customers to experience everything that coffee can be. It’s an honor to be rewarded for this work!

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