Barista Mixology Series: The Sprocacola

Recipe by Eli Masem, Photography by Jonathan Mora


(served in a house mason jar or 12oz to go cup)

1. Fill cup ½ full with ice and 1oz plain simple syrup, then 3/4 full of soda water, mixing well. 
2. Pour 2 shots of Espresso Savio into a shot-glass and then pour slowly into sweet soda mixture. 
3. Pour slow as the mixture can foam up and spill over the side of the vessel.
4. Give a quick mix with a bartending whisk or spoon and serve.

Many people have had different takes on this drink. I’ve had it with natural sodas, I’ve had it as coca cola mixed with espresso, and I’ve had it as espresso mixed with soda water and caramel syrup. In my opinion, this recipe is preferable due to the fact that there aren’t any flavors other than the plain raw sugar simple syrup to distract from the espresso. It’s better to use the Espresso Savio as opposed to a Single Origin Espresso (SOE) because SOEs tend to be more volatile and will immediately foam up and pour over the top of the drink. This Sprocacola is bubbly, refreshing, and light without losing the great espresso flavor in the process.