"Worth taking a drive off the beaten path, this no-frills shop with its grate-style front door and vintage factory tables specializes in forming the kinds of relationships that makes it possible to source the best free trade beans money alone cannot buy. They roast thoughtfully and brew skillfully. I wish I owned it." —Alton Brown, AB Road Eats: Top Southern Picks

"Our partnership with 1000 Faces Coffee has been one of better decisions we made with the inception of our business in 2013. We believe good business should simply be people trusting people at its core.  1000 Faces has been a part of our journey in building meaningful and trusting relationships. Coffee is a centerpiece of what we do and we offer a cup that is excellent and consistent in New Orleans. We are equally as excited about the team of people that 1000 Faces has gathered. Always friendly, available and genuinely helpful. Our business is better because of our shared commitment to helping one another grow." Aaron Vogel, owner of District Donuts.Sliders.Brew & District Hand Pies in New Orleans, LA